Ok woman – get your hands back in that dirt!  Ahhh, warm, living, comforting soil!  Breathe deep, life goes on (hopefully), pull up your big girl panties and move along.  Seventy plus degrees – November 2016 – Colorado – WHHAAATTT??

If things were not going freaky enough, we are going to have 70 ° today and the next couple of days?  Now Colorado weather is strange, major part of why I love it here.  But seventy in November is just abby-normal!

I do not have, nor do I want spring fever right now.  I have been sucking in the Hallmark channel trying to bring back my happy-happy, joy-joy of the holidays…p.s. it’s not working – grrr!

I have been working on all kinds of crafts for family and friends for Christmas.  We purchased a ½ a grass-fed beef to present a great meal for the family Christmas Party.  I have been pricing turkeys and checking out recipes for all kinds of side dishes.  I WANT MY FALL WEATHER!

A lot of leaves have fallen, but a bunch are still hanging on.  My honeysuckle, and winecup still have flowers on them?  The California Poppies were over eight inches tall (until my grandson thought they were weeds and helped me by pulling them out – eeek, boo hoo, hahaha).

The Robins, Blackbirds, and ladybugs are all still here?  My Blue Jay’s and Chickadee’s have not shown up yet?  There has not been a single fluke drop of snow yet (by now we should have had at least one fluke flurry)?


We put the heater in our pond for the fish, but now it’s just a waste of electricity.  The trees can’t make up their mind either:

So now I must trudge on!  Keep creating.   Keep cookie planning and prepping going.  Keep the mood heading toward holiday happiness. 

Maybe I will take this picture, blow it up and hang it on my bedroom ceiling.  This way I can wake up each day thinking it will be the holidays soon:


Or maybe this one would be better:

frozen pond 2-3-16

Then I can remember what winter feels like. (Ok, I am sick – Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer – my likes in that order!)

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9 thoughts on “WHERE WAS I AGAIN?

  1. Do your Robins leave? We have them all year round in the UK.

    We finally got a tap of snow and the weather is finally Autumnal… Not quite winter-y yet as the day time temps are still a little high… But we are getting there!

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    • Yes, normally our Robins leave. Usually by now the Jay’s and other winter birds show up – nothing?? We are “supposed” to finally get our first snow later this week (17th I think?) – but the temps are weird…almost 80 on wed. then down to barely 50 on thurs…30 degree drop over night. The days are not as much of a problem as the nights..have to watch when it is gonna dip too low. I don’t have my winter plots in my greenhouse set up yet..dont want to lose anything – eek!

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      • This is the big problem.
        When its a gradual seasonal change there are few problems… When you get an almost overnight change in temps it shocks the plants.

        The swift change for us has battered one of my friends gardens as he has more delicate plants… (Dahlias and the like) Almost overnight they are dead

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  2. I love love the picture of the hut and the red/orange trees. So beautiful. Weather is weird in Calgary, Alberta too. Too warm, t-shirts in November. No snow. People biking and sitting on decks. Strange. We hear winter is coming on Thursday the 17th. We shall see.
    LC Mueller

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