Today I am not endorsing any specific idea or product.  Today I have decided to do something a bit different.  My Grandson decided, all by himself, that he wanted to gather up some of our leaves.  Not to help me mind you, but to help himself.  He said they were getting in his way.  So … Continue reading PLOWSHARE THURSDAY – NOVEMBER 16, 2017


What Would You Find Most Important?

My blog post on Life Lessons Lived yesterday got me thinking about what I would find most important to have, or rebuild should something ugly happen.  By ugly, I’m talking about some type of major life-changing event: Plague Meteor strike Major volcano explosion. Zombie apocalypse I don’t think the zombie apocalypse is a real thing, … Continue reading What Would You Find Most Important?


I have discovered that there is a third season. • First, there is planting season, which is on and off all year long. • The second was school season, which is only from around the first of September until the end of May. • Now I have realized that I have a third season. We … Continue reading HOW DID I MISS THIS SEASON?


Labor Day (click for more info) here in the U.S. was established to honor the contributions that workers have made. The normal procedure for this is to get the first Monday in September off as a Holiday. Well, if you are a farmer (very laborious – is that a word?), or if you grow your … Continue reading ANYTHING BUT A DAY OFF

Friday Funny: Ballet – OR – Did you catch that mouse?

Once upon a time, there was a little girl with very curly dark hair that loved to run and jump and play.  She had a horse to ride, dogs to run with, and a sister to get into trouble with.  Alas, this beautiful little girl was a klutz! Her mother was full off cute old-fashioned … Continue reading Friday Funny: Ballet – OR – Did you catch that mouse?


I have been digging around, and this is all I found: 1. Food, Glorious Food from the movie Oliver (yes – they consider this a TG song??) 2. Count Your Blessing Instead of Sheep – from the movie White Christmas (Christmas – Hello!?) 3. Funny Thanksgiving Song “Thanksgiving Overture” (done to William Tell Overture – … Continue reading WHY ARE THERE NO THANKSGIVING SONGS?


Ok woman – get your hands back in that dirt!  Ahhh, warm, living, comforting soil!  Breathe deep, life goes on (hopefully), pull up your big girl panties and move along.  Seventy plus degrees – November 2016 – Colorado – WHHAAATTT?? If things were not going freaky enough, we are going to have 70 ° today … Continue reading WHERE WAS I AGAIN?