The last 2 years have been really rough for living and gardening, so I just have 1 resolution for 2016…


This is what doing yard and garden work should be about – fun! There are only 2 reasons, I believe, for having an outdoor space: 1) To grow your own food, 2) A place you go to for relaxation and enjoyment.

garden fun-claymation

My parents used to have a great saying “you play, you pay”, which seems to fit almost any/every situation. None more so than your own personal outdoor space. You want something that, on your worst days, you can go to for your own personal karmic relief. A place that you (or with a bit of help from others) created and that you are content and proud to be in.

So, for my new year – and I hope yours – why don’t we try making it more fun? We all have to pull weeds somewhere, at some time – why not use that time to take you’re your frustrations?

pulling weeds

Beat the snot out of them – rip them out of the ground – or do it an easy way as my friend does…grab a pair of old scissors (make sure they are long), grab a shady hat or maybe you have a portable umbrella setup for shade, load a few of your favorite drinks in a small cooler, sit down by the area you want to attack, and begin: With gloves on (because she is allergic to some of them), she holds a weed up to accurately locate the base of it, maneuvers her scissors down the shaft into the ground and SNIP – it’s gone! Now this may seem a bit unusual, but she has a very valid reason to her madness. She stops the weed without bothering the good plants she has near it.

silly weed

Now, step back for a minute and think about this! She did not disturb the roots of the good growers. She stopped the weed from getting any sun and/or water. Yes, it will come back – but not for quite a while. This relaxed method also gave her several moments of peace and contentment. All she heard was distant sounds and, once done, she sat back and was proud at what she had accomplished. I was in awe of her great natural gardening discovery! So I tried it! It was wonderful!

If you have to be out there doing the nasty with the weeds anyway, why not enjoy it? Why torture your back or shoulders with wrestling with the monsters, when you can use that same time – with less energy – as a type of “Zen” experience? Become ONE with the butterfly (appreciate the Monarch if you see it – endangered species) and all the fun things in your space!

monarch on a plant

So, this is my major New Year Resolution – to make it all more fun and enjoyable. I hope you will too!


  1. This year I spent as much time learning about the insects visiting my garden as I did learning about the plants growing in it!
    Stopping to watch a Bee flying around my garden was a lot more fun than I imagined!


    • Have you ever had a bee land on you? Usually this happens at least once a year when I am in the herb garden. Its not there to harm me, just as curious as I am I guess? usually lands on the top of my hand – wanders around a bit then flies off – soo cool to just sit and enjoy! Hee hee – can you tell I love our bees?!? They come up here special from Arizona every spring, then go back in late fall.

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      • Land on me? No… I guess I don’t smell nice. Buzz close enough to my face that I have to back off? LOADS! B-D

        I’ve had to move bees a few times. When cutting the bowling greens at work I often had to pick up bees and move them. Some of the guys at work thought I was insane. I’ll not kill things if I can avoid it.

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  2. LOL Arlene – we ALL hate weeding, but at least doing it with the scissors it is easier on the old body(that would be me-hee hee) and more fun! And it works! Just have to check back after a bit (depends on your weather) and do it again (then again, you would have to do that anyway – ha ha ha). Happy gardening blog buddy! (cant wait to see more of your crocheting!)


  3. My husband is the gardener, I help, but my job is cooking, canning and freezing the good things we grow. Must say 2015 was a bad year in Arkansas – entirely too much rain, which rotted everything. Planted 3 times and got very little to show for all the work. Shall certainly try cutting weeds with scissors. I agree, pulling weeds aggressively, disturbs every plant around that weed. Nice post.


  4. Do you all know that it is illegal to kill honey bees in the United States? My daughter freaks out at the sight of them (she was attacked by a ton of wasps when she was about 4 – kicking edge of her grandmas porch and they had a nest on the inside – since then, afraid of anything that flies – even moths?!) but I love working in and around them! If you freak out, your adrenaline pumps up and you smell sweet, stay calm and they will leave you alone – PROVIDED you are not wearing a flower perfume (ha ha-includes shampoo and body wash!! we go for fresh linen smells-safer)


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