I have discovered that there is a third season. • First, there is planting season, which is on and off all year long. • The second was school season, which is only from around the first of September until the end of May. • Now I have realized that I have a third season. We … Continue reading HOW DID I MISS THIS SEASON?


PLOWSHARE THURSDAY – Do you have one?

There are so many times that I have been asked for help, or asked someone else for help and got hung up on the description. “WHAT IS THIS GROWING ON MY HERB LEAVES?” “WHAT KIND OF BUG HAS WINGS AND IS EATING MY PEPPERS?” “WHY IS MY PLANT DYING?” Sound familiar? Either you have confronted … Continue reading PLOWSHARE THURSDAY – Do you have one?


This question came up while I was driving by a farmer the other day.  He was out on one of their huge new-fangled tractors (you know, the kind with the cab over it for heating and A/C), with the strangest thing I ever saw behind it. My father's influence made me pull over and watch … Continue reading HOW DANGEROUS IS YOUR GARDENING?

PLOWSHARE THURSDAY 9-28-17 – extra eyes.

There are several things I wanted to share today, but my best bet became “an extra pair of eyes.” This is not really something you can buy through Amazon, but some days I wish I could.  There are a number of times, during any given year on a farm, where some extra set of eyes … Continue reading PLOWSHARE THURSDAY 9-28-17 – extra eyes.


Labor Day (click for more info) here in the U.S. was established to honor the contributions that workers have made. The normal procedure for this is to get the first Monday in September off as a Holiday. Well, if you are a farmer (very laborious – is that a word?), or if you grow your … Continue reading ANYTHING BUT A DAY OFF


The thing I am most grateful for in our gardening endeavors today is that we learned how to use “companion planting” to our benefit! Those that may not have heard of this before: It is the method of planting that puts one or more plants next to each other, to naturally protect and strengthen them. … Continue reading PLOWSHARE THURSDAY – COMPANIONS.


It’s time for the next game-plan here on our little slice of heaven – food season! The grandson started school this week. Therefore I now have more time to spend on/in the gardens (can you hear me jumping for joy?!). First thing I am working on is revamping the greenhouse.  It’s been going well for … Continue reading SEASON TWO – WOO HOO!!