Hey people, need some help here!  I am pretty good with computers and the internet, but this one has me stumped!  I am looking for specific garden plans for this:


cucumber arber-trellis

It is a type of garden trellis/arbor however, the plants are in buckets and looks like there is a PVC pipe watering system too (not sure, just guessing)?

I first notice it in Pinterest, then I found out one of our fellow word press bloggers: Town & Country Gardening  also had a picture of this in one of his older blogs (also found him/that in Pinterest).

I have followed every lead that I could possibly find to get the instructions for building one of these for our little green acres, to no avail. (all sad – boo hoo sad face)

So, I am reaching out to all of you – please help me find these plans!  If I can get a handle on it, I would also like to modify them to work in our greenhouse.




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4 thoughts on “CAN YOU HELP ME FIND THIS?

    • Hi Sheryl – thank you! I have been in/on there and found the same information – still looking for plans. I believe the pvc posts under the benches maybe filled with cement? not sure thought? One of several questions I have that plans would help – LOL. (I even sent an email to one of the original poster’s and came back – not there – boo hoo! Thank you very much for responding! I really appreciate the input!


    • I will share as soon as I can. Still no luck, BUT – if I don’t find one by April, i’m gonna take the pic to my local Home Depot (those guys have been great help to us) and get them to help me pick out supplies. Then I will “wing it” and build one of my own – will let you know how it goes! Thank you for reading my blog.

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