I’m throwing out this bit-o-post just because I wanted to share some happy thoughts.  I just went through how I love fall and why, well this Sunday night 9/27/15 is another great reason.  You may have heard or seen this on the news, if not here it is…


How cool is this?  The super moon alone is fun to see but to have all of this on one night – wow!  We have seen a number of harvest and blood moons here in Colorado.  The best time we catch them is just as they are rising.  I was also freaked out by a super moon while driving to Cheyenne, Wyoming one evening – thought someone built a huge satellite dish out on the plains – ha ha, nope – just the super moon coming up.

We don’t get to see much of the northern lights down here, but when it comes to falling stars, super moons, and a great night light show – that’s all ours!  Nothing blocking our view unless the occasional storm is passing through.  It is supposed to be clear sailing here Sunday night – hope it will be by you too!

Oh, and just a tidbit for my gardener fans…the flower that is attached to this blog is a “moon” flower.  The flower is about the size of a softball, and only blooms at night – really cool!  Another unique beauty of nature to think about on this super moon weekend!  We had them here once, hope to have them again next year.

Happy mooning!moon flower