Colorado has some winds, do dah, do dah.

Never can tell just what’s comin in, oh da do da, do day.

Gonna blow all night.

Gonna blow all day.

One of these days it’ll take us away, oh da do da day.

Half the barn roof blew away, do dah, do da.

Flying birds can’t seem to stay, oh da do da, day.

Roofing gone at night.

Shingles gone at day.

Farm truck up and floats away, oh da do da day.

Coldest ones blow in a freeze, do dah, do dah.

Hottest won’t at a hundred degrees, oh da do da, day.

Ice is on my face.

Sweat is in my eyes.

Our chickens live in Kansas now. Oh, da do da day.

cow in twister windy lady

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3 thoughts on “COLORADO WINDS SONG – humor.

    • The tornado took our greenhouse cover and messed it up nicely in 2018. It also picked up our front yard gazebo – turned it around and set it down on top of a fence post WITHOUT damaging the stupid post?? Still can’t figure out how it pulled that one off but I have the pics & a video of putting it back to remind myself it happened. Winds were strong enough one evening several years ago (was a late summer fluke at the time) to grab one of our male peacocks flying down from the tree to safety and carry it away. We never saw him again?? Still have no clue where the winds took him. We lost several sheet metal pieces off of all our outbuildings during the tornado that we are still finding and picking up. We either get them partially ripped off or completely removed during most of the winds here. No matter how we fasten them down the nasty winds still are determined to remove them. It has just become a fact of life here. Other than that we still have our vehicles and other stuff. Our chickens disappear more by fox and coyote than winds – LOL.

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  1. OMG I am so sorry that happened! When I worked at the gas company many years ago I had to respond to where a tornado touchdowned to shut off all of the gas meters of the destroyed homes. I saw family pictures, papers, dolls, toys, clothes…so much personal property spread everywhere and destroyed. It left such a mark on my heart. It is hard to compete with nature some times!

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