A very real question.  I for one do, and I am a bit worried about the changes in the very near future.  My way of dealing with this is to watch all the apocalypse movies I can get my hands on (ok, most of it is in fun cuz I love special effects – bad or good, they are fun!), the other is read up on all the science stuff I can.

The weather channel just today (1/19/17) came out with this doozie:

So, has anyone watched the movie The Day After Tomorrow with Dennis Quaid?  This was the first “think” that came to my mind.  We have had huge record-setting averages, up and down just in 2016.  My experience tends to flow with Isaac Newton – what goes up must come down and the opposite.  When the shelf breaks off, it will be interesting to see the effects.  (Can you say insulated snowsuit?)

I love the latest inventions to combat some of this issue.

  1. Weatherhyde tents:
  2. Specialized to keep heat out in the summer and heat in for the winter. Originally developed to help the homeless from severe weather – way cool!
  3. Oscar Mendez:
  4. Created a way to build houses out of discarded plastics. They look like brick but stack/build like legos – also way cool!
  5. Airbag loungers:
  6. I caught the ad on TV and was wishing they had thought of this when I used to go to outdoor concerts. All you have to do is open up the end and let the wind fill it for you.  Plus, it all packs up into a small carry bag – how fun.
  7. Zera Food Recycler:
  8. Gotta get me one of these! Yes, we have a farm.  Yes, we do our own composting – BUT – having one of these beauties in the kitchen (handy) while we are canning would be outstanding!  Put it in.  Let it sit for at least 24 hours.  Throw the fresh compost onto the outside pile.  No mess.  No fuss.  No smells.  Right now we throw it all into a huge bucket, then take part out to the compost and part to the chickens.  The compost pile would then take years to get it all worked down.  This little wizard does it in days!  I am still trying to figure out what is in the “Zera Activation Pack” that makes all this happen in hours (it also takes large bones, pits, meat and dairy???)?  If it turns out to be an all natural thingy – I’m in!  It’s an expensive bugger but imagine the turn-around time for the gardens!
  9. Bios Urn:
  10. This may be a personal preference. Years ago most of my family decided that we would be cremated.  Dad is buried in a Veterans Cemetery, but mom was cremated.  We do not see the need for taking up earth space just for body parts.  Now they have this great thing – Bios Urn.  Using your ashes, they help you to create a tree – also in a biodegradable container (seeds if wanted).   You just put your loved one’s ashes into it, then plant it.  You now have a living memory and can help the earth all at the same time – love it!  (Pretty sure my tree would have to be crabapple- hee hee)

These are just a few of the fun new things I found in 2016.  Can’t wait to see what the smart, creative minds of 2017 come up with!

Oh, and if you ever want to check into the “bad” ideas, check out “Worlds Dumbest”  TV show.  It’s on TruTV and it is hysterical!  They present a lot of dumbest, but the partiers and inventions are my favorites.

Hope you enjoyed my take on ideas to help our world.  Please let me know if you have found any, know of, or have seen others.  I am keeping track.  Thank you!


(Oh, and YES – I do believe that climate change is happening.)

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  1. Do I believe in climate change? No…

    However I do accept the information provided by thousands of scientists that has been peer reviewed by thousands more and checked, updated and revised as new data comes in. Yes… Climate change is happening. My ‘belief’ in it or not is irrelevant.

    And that bio bin/composter… Holy crap. $1000 for an elaborate bokashi bin. stuff that. I’ll just throw it in a rotating composter and turn the bugger every day.

    I did like a few if the ideas though.

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  2. I understand what Kal is saying – don’t need to believe it or not, like believing in the sunrise! But yes, things aren’t right. It seems more obvious to us who garden, doesn’t it? We are used to how the seasons are supposed to work, so it is clear when they don’t behave.
    I liked the stupid videos! Needed a laugh today.

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