“Everything happens for a reason! “ By Me.

This playset for my grandson was knocked over by wind/storms twice.  The second time broke some support boards so it would not work the same.  Was not sure why or what to do with it.

toppled playset

The pile of wood sat buried in weeds for about 2 months.  Finally we came up with this:


Attached it to one of our trees, and it became a tree fort.  Added the slide and pool, it became fun:


For some reason it was much more fun to go down backwards than forwards?  LMAO.

Thank you to ChickenGrandma for putting me up to this challenge – it’s fun!

According the rules (hee hee) I now need to nominate 3 other blogs to participate so here are the ones I know have a wonderful sense of humor and would be up for this fun:

1.)    Our Retired Life

2.)    Heretherebespiders

3.)    Kalamain

They all also always (ya, say that out loud 5-times fast – LOL), have great comments and input!

So, to complete my comment: Everything happens for a reason.  You may not know why the minute it happens. You may never know why.  But, from my personal experience, there is a reason(I researched this one line, apparently others have said a “similar version” but not exactly like mine??  If I am wrong – please let me know – thank you!)

This happens to be the main motto of my life.  It is how I get through everything (and if you check out the last four years of blogs you will understand).

Make sure to check back the next couple of days – I have some more wits of wisdom to share.

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3 thoughts on “3-DAY QUOTE CHALLENGE – DAY 1

  1. Oh thank you! I took a couple of days off the internet so am just seeing this! I can just get something will come up very soon that fits this perfectly!
    I would SO go down the slide backwards! Heheh! Except there would be no water left in the pool after I landed 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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