I used to be able to plan things. I can’t anymore. My resolution this year is to put more laughter back into my life. Now who would have thought that could be such a hard thing to do? My family, by nature, is made up of a bunch of class clowns. Our parents (because of my grandparents I’m sure) make sure that we were raised with a sense of humor.

I have been trying desperately to “go with the flow” of things this year; that’s not working either. Too many things are causing me to be side-tracked. Uninvited, or better, unexpected circumstances. Example:

•The fire across the street on an extremely windy day.
•The kid from another state broken down in our driveway.
•Getting sucked into helping a broken-down kid (for two months now – grr).
•Child uprooting their life – AGAIN.
•Hot weather – wet weather – cold weather – dry weather – windy weather – no wind weather – ALL IN ONE WEEK.
•Grasshoppers from hell and barn fowl that would rather dig up my potatoes than eat them?

These, from a distance, may not seem like much, but when they are hitting all together at the same time – ENOUGH ALREADY! Time for a really – REALLY – deep breath…


snoopy n charlie brown happy joy

I have decided to fight back at all my “Unexpected’s” starting today!  So I, Rachel Helberg, do at this moment initiate the following rules into my life (again):

1.More Laughter.  This will be brought about by the following:

  • Stop longer during barn fowl feeding time and actually watch all the baby birds at play.  We have both baby chickens and baby guinea birds.  They are all in a variety of colors, and some are now old enough to chase bugs – NOW THAT’S FUNNY!  Try not to laugh when a couple of chicks are chasing a grasshopper that is almost as big as them.
  • Pick off one of my new fresh tomatoes and instead of bringing it in for processing, sit down and gobble the whole thing all by myself.  Let it squirt out and drool down my front (it’s my farm shirt anyway – already dirty – lol).
  • Watch the wild barn kittens play whack-a-mole with each other on a wood pile.
  • Stop and look around more – there are so many great things to see and laugh at and will be missed if I don’t stop to enjoy them.
  • Stay up till after dark and look up – remember what stars look like?!?
  • Get the water squirt guns out more and nail my grandson before he gets me (ya, usually don’t get this one right – lol).

2. JUST SAY “NO”… to the following

Life suckers.  These are the people that slowly suck the life out of you.  Unfortunately, they are usually hooked in before you even know they are attacking.  They approach you so gently, innocently, and sneaky (was going to say sneakily – but I don’t think that’s a word?).  Before you know it, they have you doing all kinds of things you really do not want to do.

  • I don’t want to drive you somewhere because you are too lazy to walk.
  • I don’t want to run you around because you lost your license.
  • I don’t want to give you our food because you blew all your money on a tattoo instead of getting your own food.
  • I don’t want to wait on my laundry because you don’t think to finish yours.

The above are just examples of ways I get “sucked in” to doing stuff because I am (so I’ve been told) too nice.  This becomes a major emotional conflict for me.  I want to believe and follow the “do unto others” scenario, but there are now too many others in life that are completely unfamiliar that statement.  So how do I turn it off?  AND – do I want to turn it off?  We have seen that there are good people out there, and hope we are in that group.  But how do you spot the “Suckers” and stop them before they drain you into vampire-ism (you know – lifeless).

 creapy face

3. More Self Meditating (NOT MEDICATING – although that’s a thought too – hee hee)

I did have a ritual in the evening that I developed in which I took 1-hour before bed to just sit quietly and contemplate nothing.  I KNOW – SOUNDS CRAZY RIGHT?  Not really.  It is very relaxing and refreshing at the same time.  I listen to myself breathe, thinking about purple cows (this trick is from a very good family friend).  Try it – there is no such thing in the world as a purple cow, so you really have to focus to try to picture one.  This little trick manages to push back all the jumbled mess I had rolling around up there from the day and force it to drift away.  (FYI – one bit of helpful info before you try this – – – make sure you write down any/everything you need to remember for the future.  If you don’t it may slip away from you – lmao – yes, happened to me a lot until I set a notepad beside my meditating area – duh!)

Hopefully, these three little changes will bring back my laughter.  My sister has been helping a ton with our Friday Night Game Night.  We started this for my Grandson.  It is our special family time to just play games.  It doesn’t matter what they are as long as we are doing it all together.  The current favs are Yahtzee and Trouble.  Have to admit that a couple of beers and a game of Yahtzee can be very therapeutic.  Especially when you start bringing up stupid things from your past like “how did we survive being kids?”  Now there are some funny stories….for another day!

biker on pink bike

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  1. Here in the UK there used to be a game played called ‘Shoes’… Also called ‘horseshoes’ (Apparently!)

    I swear its not a game OF anything… It’s just an excuse to get people outside doing something with other people while you stand around in the sunshine, probably with a beer, and laugh, talk and have fun.

    It’s also one of those games where being crap at it can still lead to entertainment among a group. B-)

    Live sponges… Yep… They are a problem. I found that saying ‘No’ is really hard… SO I don’t say ‘No’ I just help on my terms.
    “Sorry, I can’t help you today as I have x to do… But I can help you on Tuesday” That way they stop relying on you all the time BUT you still have the option to help them if you are in a helping mood.
    The other one is to start having a drink in the evening… Can’t drive after having a drink. B-)

    This way you can help those that YOU feel need it and not get bogged down helping everyone but yourself.

    Oh… And go pick up Yoga. Yoga and meditation go hand in hand. B-)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Horseshoes – woo hoo, yep, you do NOT have to be any good at it to have fun – and my sister and I have had TONS of fun doing it. so much so that we got an excellent set from our nephew for Christmas and are trying to decide where to put the pits – with a gazeebo for shade, maybe electric for the fridge for the drinks cuz you always play when its hot. by the by – have no idea how to keep score – LMAO!!!


  2. All very good ideas, especially saying “no” to the life suckers. Think of it as giving them the opportunity to take more responsibility for themselves and grow as human beings. Good luck with this!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanx Mark – the key is “take more responsibility FOR THEMSELVES – – seem there are just too many people (and maybe its a ‘older” thingy – but most are under the age of 30??) always want to blame someone or something else. I was not raised that way – you did it, fess up and take the blame – oh, wait, except for the time when I was about 5 and my sister was 3 and I drew her name on the stairway wall – she got the blame – hee hee – can I help it I was a budding artist? LMAO

      Liked by 1 person

  3. You hit it all right on with this post! My husband tells me I am a born volunteer and I need to practice saying the word “No”. That is hard for me and often I find myself overwhelmed.
    I am sloooooowly learning so there is hope :)!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I like to “believe” there is hope for us – just guess I don’t put too much faith in my strength of “no” power (or lack of – ha ha). I have gotten really good at avoiding and running away though! LOL guess I just need to buck up and stand my ground – maybe tomorrow! Thanx for the comment chicken grandma (you do know that has 2 meanings for we farmers – hee hee ho ho ho ha ha

      Liked by 1 person

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