I just love when I stumble across something that I did not know before.  Anyone after the age of fifty can relate to this.  I love learning, so it is a pleasant surprise when something like this happens: MMN.COM – Turkey Facts You Didn’t Know. They actually have things that I had never even thought … Continue reading TURKEYS – WHO KNEW?


Do They Really Think We Won’t Be Angry?

Yes, we live on a very small piece of land that we happen to love. Yes, we struggle to get by year-after-year. Yes, we love it and prefer to stay here. Now that I have that out upfront let me just say that our new Leaders in our poor nation suck! They seem to think … Continue reading Do They Really Think We Won’t Be Angry?


Those of you have been following me know that I am a “natural” nut.  Our farm and gardens are all grown using natural methods.  We do not like or use chemicals, nor do we care for hybrids (as most will not produce viable seeds for the next year growth), or GMO’s.  We grow mainly heirloom … Continue reading HOW COULD WE HAVE A WORLD WITHOUT THESE?

Friday Funny: Ballet – OR – Did you catch that mouse?

Once upon a time, there was a little girl with very curly dark hair that loved to run and jump and play.  She had a horse to ride, dogs to run with, and a sister to get into trouble with.  Alas, this beautiful little girl was a klutz! Her mother was full off cute old-fashioned … Continue reading Friday Funny: Ballet – OR – Did you catch that mouse?


Those of you that have never been fortunate enough to live on a farm, plowshare (according to Merriam-Webster definition) is a part of a plow that cuts the furrow.  It cuts through the old stale gunk that may be devoid of any nutritional value and gets to the good stuff.  Starting this Thursday – May … Continue reading NEED SOME HELP? PLOWSHARE THURSDAY:


Bad news.  Bad news.  Then more bad news.  I AM SOOO TIRED OF BAD NEWS!  I have started a new self-help campaign…seek out good news!  Here is one that I came across this week: Love the smell of spring? Here’s where the season’s odors come from. It was kind of sad and disgusting.  So I … Continue reading DO YOU STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES?


I have found the answer to the world’s oldest question. WHY DID… THE CHICKEN… CROSS… THE ROAD? To run over and steal all the wonderful worms from my gardens as I work! Hiding behind the garlic grasses will not save you from my wrath bird! I swear if you girls were not laying 6+ eggs … Continue reading WHY?