For Andrew

When the butterfly comes, and tickles my nose.

The bunny sneaks up, and touches my toes.

The wind in my ear whispers “Grandma, I’m here”

Then off you blow up in the tree.


When next in dirt we will play, making mud pies all day.

Smelling flowers, pulling weeds, digging holes, planting seeds.

While the bee’s gently hum, “Grandma please won’t you come,

Play more in the gardens with me?”


When the sun starts to set, I smile and I bet,

You are still by my side, watching dragonflies glide.

Feeling warmth and such bliss, close my eyes, feel your kiss.

Content now I always will be.

easter andrew 2014

1-28-10 to 4-20-16:

God needed a beautiful, gentle, giving little angel – so he picked you!

You may be gone physically, my sweet grandson; but you will never be gone from my heart!

Love you, miss you- Grandma!

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