I have been having this on-going dream/fantasy of the “great escape!”  I love our farm, but sometimes it would be great if we could just do a mini-vacation.  I’m thinking of some type of 3-day to 1-week away session.  The biggest concern with these thoughts is my grandson.  He is only 7 and has some issues and a very traumatic life so far.  We try to keep the consistency going, so trips of any kind can throw him off whack.

Well, in going through my dream, I have come up with a thought that will not leave my head – – – an RV or conversion van!  Ta-da!

Ok, now let’s hear it!  There must be someone out there that has done this and has opinions?  I need to hear them all – pro and con, please.  This thought will not leave my head.  I learned long ago that when you have something that keeps tickling at the back of your brain, it’s a hint that you should follow through with that idea.

I’m thinking something like this:

dream van

But since we will be renting it, pretty sure I would get stuck with more like this:

trashed van

Not bad, just not right.  My grandson is a computer-aholic, ADHD wizard.  We must be able to provide that mental stimulation while on the road.  Thought about rigging a cattle prod under his seat and when he gets too wild, give him a little jolt.  Then I realized that someone might consider that child abuse, so that and the pet carrier are out.  (yes, I am just kidding – more laughter this year remember?)

beeker eeek

So I am now open for suggestions, please!  We are looking at everything from Mesa Verde to upper Michigan for our trips.  Could be a 3 to 4-day extended weekend, or possibly 7-10-day week long trip.  Please share with me what you find as “great family fun” in your neck-of-the-woods.  I’m need help here people (sometimes it’s really tough being an old fart – hee hee)!  The only stipulation I have is that it must be drivable (sorry, no flying for this gardener – love my feet on the ground too much).





11 thoughts on “I’VE GOT A DREAM…

  1. You should check out some of my first posts starting in December 2014. That is when I started my blog and we had just gotten back from our month long trip down to Arizona. Also check out the Photos, Videos, and Reviews tabs of my menu bar as those too contain stuff from that trip. I hope you find some of it of use. 🙂

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  2. Have you considered inviting one of his friends to come along? This may help him keep some form of continuity.

    This may be a little rude… But have you considered looking at aspergers planning information?
    If he doesn’t like change much then it may give you help in dealing with him and how to help both of you plan the holiday so that any major issues can be avoided.
    He may like spacy stuff… Maybe you could find an observatory en-route to somewhere and pop in?

    BTW… Also consider a van and a tent? And a fire… And yeah… For this you will *need* good, warm weather!

    Good luck!

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    • Thanx Kal! Not rude and I will look into it! He has a few friends, but the one he is closest to has more problems than he does. We are thinking about a van for driving – giving him more space to move. NO TENTS – I gave up that type of trip when I turned 40 (LMAO!! Now there’s some stories – eeek!! ) We are thinking the first will take us to Mesa Verde (SW Colorado). Goes up and over the mountains, and we can stop at the Sand Dunes national monument one way – Royal Gorge the other – just gotta put a leash on him so I can find him – ha ha ha

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      • lol!
        I’m guessing that your story about camping would be…. wait for it. InTENTSe!

        Ok… I don’t know the areas you mentioned but google pulls up some lovely pics.
        I hope he and you all enjoy it!


  3. Great post! My in laws travel via RV and LOVE IT!! The stay in Walmart lots for free seeing those things are incredible gas hogs. What about a trip to Milwaukee? It’s my favorite city and there is much to do from a Brewers game to the fabulous zoo to A nice science museum right on the waterfront. Plus the iconic art museum and the Domes. The list goes on and on. Life is short-time to get “motoring!” 😊👍

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  4. We have pulled a used 21 foot camp trailer behind our truck for years. Camped all over the U.S. Gas mileage is not the greatest, but when you consider eating in the trailer and most camp sites being cheaper than motels it is great. Just look up National Parks or other camp areas nears lakes and streams and go have a ball. Sitting around a campfire watching Mother Nature is great.


  5. Hee hee – I camped when I was young and fit – not anymore. I have OA – most of my major joints have been replaced (all in 1 year – was a long year) so getting down on the ground and back up is quite the site – hee hee. Our idea of camping is a hotel. But we do plan on seeing more sites this year. Our first will be the Sand Dunes here, then Mesa Verde (that will take 2 days so a hotel is in order), the Aquarium in Denver (easy to reach, no hotel) and maybe the Dino Park? The last is over on the NW corner of the state and would also require over night. If my grandson handles the 1-day trips well, we will give it a shot. Would love to find a conversion van or I have seen some mini-RVs (A Majestic went by yesterday – nice and perfect size) if we can (they have rentals on these I hear?!). Think our longer trips would be best if he had room to move in the ride. He gets pretty antsy just going to Denver and that’s only 2 hrs away. Thanx for the info Lizzie!


  6. come to Wisconsin….we also bought my Grandpa Leos house in the UP…you’re welcome to stay there and you can visit with the “Gunderman gang”…..lots of room and 3 bedrooms


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