The back of one arm is all black and blue already. Pretty sure part of one butt cheek is also. This is what I get for forgetting to wear green today (pretty sure mom is laughing her butt off watching this from heaven – LOL).

I had been thinking about it all week, my only nephew son’s birthday was yesterday, and I remember that on purpose because it is the day before St. Patty’s Day. I reminded my grandson to wear his St Patty’s day shirt – and me – nooo (duh)!

Moms side of the family is mostly Irish, and it has always been a big deal. We have also been eating corned beef and cabbage up the wazoo (mainly because we love it, but any excuse will do to have more – yum!).

But you forget just one time and – OUCH! Oh, idiot me.

So this quickie little note is just to apologize to mom, my ancestors and all my friends that have been so nice as to remind me – I forgot!

happy st pats phrase

(Please don’t send the Angry Leprechauns after me – eek!! Hee hee)

angry leprechan

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4 thoughts on “I’M IN TROUBLE NOW!

    • lol – another thing my mother is gonna get even on – LOL Thanx Kal – nice to know someone is watching/reading me and my mistakes – I learn from it every time! hee hee Does beer work on the bruising too? don’t have any wine – and want to grow some witch hazel, don’t have it here yet – boo hoo. gonna have to stay black and blue for now – LMAO (thank you for the comment!)


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