We spend the weekend cleaning up the yard.  I say weekend, but it was really just Sunday.  Everything we touched on Saturday, just blew somewhere else.  (Some days I get really tired of the wind – grrr!  Sure, now-but in a couple of months I will be praying for a breeze – LOL!)  While cleaning up, I was not even thinking about all the “little critters” I was messing with.  They decided to remind me! 

This was on my hallway wall when I woke up:

1st moth in house 3-7-16

Our first Miller Moth – oh joy (she says sarcastically)!  I have extremely thick kinky hair and the buggers love to get stuck in it!  Nothing makes you say yuck faster than hearing the crunching of trying to get one untangled from your head – ugh!

I had placed all my dusty/dirty clothes into the wash last night.  I knew I was kicking up some old weeds when I was mowing some spots, but I just didn’t realize how many bugs I was scaring up as well.  One of these was at the bottom of my washer when the load was done:

soldier bug      stink bug         squash bug

Soldier Bug – good             Stink Bug – BAD                   Squash Bug – BAD


stink bug-look-a-likes

I say one of these, as it was so mushed from the wash that I couldn’t tell which type it was?  The first – Soldier Bug – is a goodie, but hard to tell from the Stink Bug (baddie).  The Squash Bug (also a baddie) has a completely different look but, when it is mush in your Kleenex, looks the same as the others (yucky!!)

The Soldier bug is also called a “Spinney” soldier bug, and it does look a lot more jagged than its counterpart, the stink bug.  Oh, and if you have ever had the unfortunate opportunity to get nailed by a Stink Bug, you will understand why it is named that – NASTY!  It is definitely a very different smell – blah!

My point for you all to ponder is – was it dead or alive before it went into the wash?  I have seen tons of Box Elder Beetles, a few flies, wasps, honey bees (this one is normal as we have boxes that stay on our property year around – think it helps to bring them out early?), and just yesterday a Ladybug!  I just didn’t think these three bugs would be out until it actually got warmer and stayed (like maybe June – haha, wishful thinking)?

So I have already started my “natural bug defense training” on my other blog,  My plan on that one is to figure out which are the worst bugs out there, and how many different natural ways there are to either keep them at bay or destroy them all together.  We are a live-and-let-live kinda farm, but offense is the best defense.  So, ugly nasties beware – I am on the hunt for you all this year!

me fighting bad bugs (And yes – I do look like this when I am chasing down bad bugs in the gardens! LOL)



  1. We have had stink bugs, boxelder bugs, and lady bugs in the house all winter long. We live in a trailer/mobile home so they could be hanging out underneath near the furnace ductwork. Then they come on in. The wasps have come out several times too as we have had several days here and there at 40 degrees or higher this winter.

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  2. So we are not the only ones to notice the wickedly wild winter this season? Its gonna be 70+ here for the next 3 days, then the winds are supposed to come thru (doing 40+mph again-grrr) for the next 3-5 days and somewhere in the middle of that temps are dropping down in the more normal 30-50 range and tons of wet (snow and/or rain – they just don’t know yet?) – So maybe its good the baddies are popping out now – maybe they will freeze – hee hee hahahaha – just know that wont happen! I owned a mobile home in Denver and had the same problem – stays nice and warm under there – buggers!!??


    • Its been that way since we were kids in WI. Would go out at dusk and play under the farm yard light and of course there were tons of moths – ALWAYS got tangled up in our hair (my sister has the same problem – thick and kinky/curly). The one thing worse is a June Bug – getting goose bumps thinking about it cuz their feet are sticky – yucky!! hee hee

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