First: Anyone that tries to tell me that the moon has no connection to our mental and emotional state should be shut down instantly! I firmly believe that it does effect us! Don’t you?
My recent Farmers Almanac update had an article titled: February’s Full Snow Moon. This happened on Monday of this week (2/22/16). It is supposed to be, traditionally, the coldest day of the year. Well, normally here in Colorado I would say “yes, that’s us” – but not this year. It was cooler than it has been, but not our norm by a long shot! We are even supposed to get up to the 70’s again this Saturday – way too freaky!
My bigger concern today is not about the temperature outside, but the mental and emotional attitudes inside. All the blogs I opened up this morning were either sad, angry or depressing. So I think it is the moon’s fault!
Well, here is what I have seen since the “snow moon” started its cycle:

  • Guinea races around the house (Top “spring fever” activity – too funny to watch! One day I have to get a pic of their spinning.)

running guineas

  • Chickens rolling in the dirt like they usually do in spring (One of our other fun “spring fever” activities, cuz they are also fun to watch doing it. We know it is to get rid of bugs, but they look like they are luvin every minute of it!)

dusting chickens in dirt

  • Male cats strutting after the trampy female cats (then again, this goes on almost year around – lol)

cats in love

  • Wild birds flying around all Twitter painted (love that phrase from Bambi)

twiter painted

  • And don’t get me started on our wild rabbits (doing what rabbits do so well!) – the biggest difference this week is their noses must be ultra-sensitive. Every time I saw one get poked in the nose, it did a type of twisty jump then ran away and back all squirrely.

bouncin bunnies

Not sure why all the humans are getting so testy unless their inner caveman is being suppressed too much?


Maybe too many just don’t realize they are doing it? Sorry guys but my goal this year is to “don’t worry, be HAPPY” so that is my plan! Gonna try to lighten the load on some of you with this bit of blogging, hope it works!?

goofy smile face
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I love to write. It is one of the constants in my life that brings me joy. I also love to tell stories, read, knit, crochet, weave, plant gardens, raise our own food, play game with my grandson and throw out my wicked sense-of-humor every chance I get (parents fault – they raised us this way, and I am very glad of it!). I have hundreds of great stories from my life that I want to share. Most are very humorous, some maybe not so much. I hope that all are found interesting. Some of the things that have happened to me in life are: • Growing up on a farm in Wisconsin. • Raising and creating 4-H projects for the fair. • Growing food through natural methods (no chemicals here). • Learning (via trial-and-error methods) how to process all kinds of foods. • The death of several loved ones: Parents, fiancé, grandson. • Living through 2 house fires (2nd of which cost me the one grandson). • Having and raising a disabled daughter (20 surgeries in the first 20 years of her life). • Surviving a rape and abusive x-boyfriend and now being able to talk about it. • Giving up everything and moving to another state with $100 in my pocket. • Giving up a steady well-paying job to buy a farm. • Learning and sharing how to really enjoy farm life. • Writing through all of it. These are just samples of all the amazing things I have experienced. I had parents that were amazing! They encouraged all of us to try everything, at least once. Mom tried to get us to enjoy the riches of the world – fine dining (got some great stories on those episodes), how to sit up straight and walk straight to be noticed. She showed us how to walk into a room as if you owned the place. The best thing she taught us was the fine art of storytelling. She grew up with only the radio era folk, so the art of conversation was everything. One regret I have is that I did not keep the letters between her and our Aunt Elaine. They were filled with family happenings and priceless! Dad was a different egg. He and mom seemed like such opposites, but no two opposites were more meant for each other. He was a big, strong, tough man that had been through war times and then something much worse – surviving three daughters! EEEK! Now, looking back, I realize why they both grayed prematurely – we three gremlins. The thing that stands out most in my memory of my father is his compassionate humor. No matter how mad he got at something stupid one of us did, there was always the little twinkle in his eye that told us it was ok. My little sister had him wrapped around her finger – she could do no wrong in his eyes. To best describe him is to let you know that his knick-name for me was “Dumb Shit.” To understand it you may have to watch old Archie Bunker shows – that was my dad. My sisters and I all have some type of talent. The oldest is the wet-noodle. She falls for any stray that comes her way. Then has to feed it and the world (she's an excellent cook by-the-way!) immediately. The youngest is the Artist. She can draw, paint, and/or create so many different things and she too has the passion for cooking. The biggest difference in the two is the first can’t even draw stick people and cooks using shortcuts. The 2nd does everything from scratch – art and cooking. Me, I’m the middle kid. I love to tear things apart and put them back together. I create from scratch – yarn, paint, draw, paper crafts, clay, wood and a number of other things. Cooking is not my passion, I will do it if I have to or if I get an inclination, but it’s not where my heart if. The one big thing we all have in common is our humor. So, my wish here is that as you read my blog (stories), you will find enjoyment in them. What is life if we cannot have a little fun in it?


  1. The Full Moon seems to affect everything I have ever come in contact with over the years. I know it definitely affected my brother and his dementia. Often people are not trying to be unhappy, they are trying to get others to be nicer, more compassionate, to help others, to be a better person. Each time lately I tried to post something about my brother and his journey through dementia, everyone thought I was grieving. I have several fellow bloggers going through the dementia journey and I have been trying to help them realize what lies ahead on this long and awful journey. So, I will take pictures of this full moon, which I love full moons, and try not to act like any of the animals that you showed me were affected by the big moon. lol

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    1. You do what makes you “YOU” Lizzie – be proud, but also be happy! I have lost too many people that I love to too many ugly diseases or worse (the fire that took my 4 yr old grandson in an instant – no warning)…some days its really hard to go on and be happy, but you have that right! I may not be there to personally boost you and pick you up when it is hard, but I hope I can bring a smile once in a while to let you know – you are NEVER alone! So keep on being you! 🙂

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      1. I hope I can make you smile now and then too. Losing a child has to be one of the hardest things to endure. I am sorry about your little grandson. Some days are truly hard for anyone who has lost a loved one.

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  2. Would love to see the chickens rollin in the dirt…. LOVE MY CHICKENS! ♥♥
    I made my yearly trip to the local Tractor Supply to got my daily fix of cuteness, playing with the baby chicks. They have signs that tell you not to pick them up, but everyone there lets the crazy lady play with them! Hell, I’d be laying in the pen letting them climb all over me, but that might get me thrown into the back of an ambulance!! They just remind me to sanitize my hands afterwards.

    Thanks for the dose of humor, it worked! I’m with you on your theory that it’s the moons fault for making everyone depressed. All these dreary days we’ve been having lately keeps me in a bitchy, blue funk that last for days… just ask my husband! Here’s hoping for happy days ahead. Wanda

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    1. Thanx for the outstanding comment Wanda! I’m with you except I could crawl in a pen with a batch of baby anythings (ok – not snakes or bugs – get enough of them in the gardens)! Horses, cattle, goats, chickens, ducks, kittens even critters we don’t have like hippos, elephants etc…babies is babies and most all are ssssoooo cute!! hee hee

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