Ok, now I am officially shocked, and a bit worried! Only a short 10 days ago:

  • 3-6foot snow drifts (the middle horizontal bar in our greenhouse is up about 10 feet; just to explain how high a lot of the drifts were.)

blizzard 2-3-16-2 (2)

  • Minus single digit weather at night (we have a heater in our fish pond so it doesn’t freeze – 2 huge fish in there!)

frozen pond 2-3-16


  • Wind gusts more than 50mph (I can always tell how bad the wind is by how much of the road you can see – AFTER – the plow as gone by!)

snowplow 2016

Then this week:

  • Only specks of any snow remain

barely snow left 2-17-16

  • 65°F today and expecting 70+°F tomorrow – February 18, 2016

green grass 2-17-16

  • Grass and flowers are starting to show up

paperwhites 2-17-16






And my Christmas Cactus is flowering?

20160217_072923 (2)


This has got to be the freakiest winter I have ever seen – here or in Wisconsin! Colorado can have 60’s in January, and it’s not unusual. But to get this warm in February – now that’s down right abby-normal (I love Young Frankenstein!)! Not sure if I should let my spring fever run amok or batten down the hatches and prep for the apocalypse – oooohhhhh (that’s a ghostly ooh by the way – LOL – too spooky!)

oh no ghost

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