If you are anything like me, right after Christmas and New Year celebrations you immediately start thinking about spring planting. Well, a fellow blogger, Flowery Prose, just helped me to remember what winter is for – a time of resting.

There is a time for everything, including resting, this is what winter is to me.


(even this Blue Jay appears to be resting)

Don’t get me wrong – I love my gardens and can’t wait to get into them every year. I love all parts of gardening from starting the seeds:

starting seeds

To moving those first starts into the gardens:



Even weeding:

pulling weeds

Then there is that wonderful harvest:


fall harvest veggies

Which always involves canning:


canned veggies

(this includes vacuum freezing and dehydrating)

So we should be like all of the other living things around our gardens (even the bad critters – grr!) and use winter as our time of rest!

sleeping baby goat

sleeping fox







sleeping mountain lion

sleeping bear

Because once it finally starts to warm up outside – the work begins again!


good pic our veggie garden

Now, don’t-cha just love the time of rest – wooo hooo!


9 thoughts on “WHEN DO YOU REST?

  1. I’ve noticed that I function so much more effectively when I’m rested. (It’s like the Lord knew we’d need it when He set up that day of rest thing. Go figure!) But I’m still ready for nicer weather and flowers and fresh veggies. I am not ready for weeding, though. Here’s to successful seed starting!

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  2. yes – at 700+ lbs and loved my sister to death. She was a runt we got from an auction that got fed warm oatmeal every day for breakfast (sure had my sister trained – hee hee). Got lots of fun stories about her, may have to write some day? She also had the flip side- a teacup pig. She was no bigger than a house cat – and again, spoiled rotten! LOL


  3. There’s only one thing wrong with resting during the winter… weight gain! If spring doesn’t get here soon I’ll be spending most of my working trying to get back into shape or maybe I’ll just plant a bigger garden. 😉

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    • LOL – thank you Wanda – nice to know I am not the only one that cannot blame the holidays alone! hee hee The cold always makes me want to cook up a huge pot of my fathers homemade chicken dumpling soup – its awesome, but pretty sure its not on any weight watcher diet plan – LOL oh – and shoot for the bigger garden – then you have more to work on (sounds good huh?! LOL)


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