Hey people, need some help here!  I am pretty good with computers and the internet, but this one has me stumped!  I am looking for specific garden plans for this:


cucumber arber-trellis

It is a type of garden trellis/arbor however, the plants are in buckets and looks like there is a PVC pipe watering system too (not sure, just guessing)?

I first notice it in Pinterest, then I found out one of our fellow word press bloggers: Town & Country Gardening  also had a picture of this in one of his older blogs (also found him/that in Pinterest).

I have followed every lead that I could possibly find to get the instructions for building one of these for our little green acres, to no avail. (all sad – boo hoo sad face)

So, I am reaching out to all of you – please help me find these plans!  If I can get a handle on it, I would also like to modify them to work in our greenhouse.




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I’m throwing out this bit-o-post just because I wanted to share some happy thoughts.  I just went through how I love fall and why, well this Sunday night 9/27/15 is another great reason.  You may have heard or seen this on the news, if not here it is…


How cool is this?  The super moon alone is fun to see but to have all of this on one night – wow!  We have seen a number of harvest and blood moons here in Colorado.  The best time we catch them is just as they are rising.  I was also freaked out by a super moon while driving to Cheyenne, Wyoming one evening – thought someone built a huge satellite dish out on the plains – ha ha, nope – just the super moon coming up.

We don’t get to see much of the northern lights down here, but when it comes to falling stars, super moons, and a great night light show – that’s all ours!  Nothing blocking our view unless the occasional storm is passing through.  It is supposed to be clear sailing here Sunday night – hope it will be by you too!

Oh, and just a tidbit for my gardener fans…the flower that is attached to this blog is a “moon” flower.  The flower is about the size of a softball, and only blooms at night – really cool!  Another unique beauty of nature to think about on this super moon weekend!  We had them here once, hope to have them again next year.

Happy mooning!moon flower


We have finally come to my favorite time of the year – FALL!  Woo Hoo!  It is the time of year to harvest, to see my beloved colors! There was book that came out decades ago about “your color”. You matched which colors work best with your skin tone and that would give your select of colors that would look best on you. Well, I could have pegged that without even looking! It’s fall for me!

Winter is wonderful, Christmas is magnificent, but fall is brilliant! The colors, the farm fresh foods, the canning and food processing – yum! Up to this point we have been taste testing a few goodies, just here-and-there, but now we have the “abundance” phase!

Canning jars, vacuum sealers, pressure canners, freezer bags, dehydrators, old fashioned drying, oven drying, oven canning – take your pick, or be like us and pick them all! We have found over the years that some things just taste better done up a certain way.


The other fun thing to do this time of year is start saving seeds. This, for us, goes hand-in-hand with food processing. Pickles just are not pickles without fresh dill. We have also found that dill is not just for pickles – excellent in pasta and potato salads, breads, dinner rolls and I even put a bit into my homemade chicken dumpling soup (sorry dad – I didn’t keep with the German family recipe.). It is just one of those great flavors that can go in so many different thing. Saving their seed is one of the simplest things to do.

When the dill stalks start to grow and begin to flower, I will start clipping “ferns” off the branches – NOT ALL OF THEM! You need to keep some on to help the plant. The ferns get clipped into a small brown back and left open to air dry. You can also spread them out on a sheet, but the bag is faster easier to me.

Then once the flower sets into seeds, I cut off the top again into a small brown bag. (Don’t clip off ALL the heads and don’t worry if some fall to the ground – it’s a good thing.) Then I sit down with my bag in front of a great movie and gently run my hand over the seed heads. This knocks the seeds to the bottom of the bag. I occasionally pull up the head to see if I have all the seeds off – if yes throw the stem into the compost pile – if no then repeat.

A large portion of the dill seeds get scattered to the winds in the beds all over the farm – on purpose – by us! Just about everything grows well with it. The Monarch and Swallow Tail butterflies love it (we also keep milk weed pods on the farm for them). It is a normal deterrent to a number of bad bugs, and I love the smell!

I hope by now you are hungry for both the gorgeous autumn colors and a huge bowl of dill potato salad! Enjoy.

(You can read more about my fall thoughts at my website: )

Where have I been for the last 3 years?

That maybe the question some of my initial followers have been asking. It’s a long, horrible and tragic story – but I believe time has come to do some sharing.

The initial reason for this blog was to share my/our experience in building a 30′ x 86′ greenhouse. Yep, we did it ourselves, it is up and it is kinda running?! We are getting great produce out of it, which was the plan.

Two years after we completed the main part of construction, we had a house fire (Easter Sunday 2014). Unless you have lived through one, you may not understand the loss. My 4-year-old grandson was lost in the fire also – so the loss is huge!the piano(The floor had to be supported underneath here due to the 125+ year old piano in the far corner.  Amazingly it didn’t fall through-however it was too badly damaged and was trashed along with everything else.

In June of that same year I had to have part of my left index finger amputated (infection that got serious!). Those of you that know me personally, this was also devastating as I knit and crochet and that finger is important to the craft.

August was the discovery of osteoarthritis and the full reverse replacement of my right shoulder. November the full right knee. December the full left knee. March of 2015 saw the gutting and front tendon cut of the left shoulder (the ball is still in fairly good shape so the Doctor did not want to replace it just yet.). Then 5/1/15 was a major dissection of the left foot. It now has several screws, a metal plate, and a 2nd toe that will never curl again.

The foot surgery left me pretty much house-bound (close to bed-bound) for 3 months – not an initial plan on my part! During this time about the only thing I was able to do was think. I did a lot of thinking. My sister calls me the bionic woman – don’t feel so bionic. I feel better that I did before the fire – nice job doctors! But I still had a hole inside me. Something I was missing but couldn’t pin-point. So, in May of this year I did some major soul-searching and discovered that I maybe down, but I’m not out yet!

Check into my next blog to see how I have been getting through all of this! Thank you for viewing/reading!