I get a great newsletter from a group called MNN (Mother Nature Network).  It carries a ton of different bits of information.  The latest one that caught my eye had something to do with me, or so I thought.

What is microsleep – and did you experience it?


Microsleep – I thought it was going to be information that could tell me why I can’t seem to get more than 4 hours sleep a night – nope!

The article states that a bunch of us (me included) go through micro – sleeps during our day – WHAT???  Apparently, I have been doing this for decades and didn’t even know it had a name.  I hate to say it, but I am also guilty of the driving micro – ouch!

The article goes on to tell me that the only cure is to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night (yes, I am laughing hysterically right now).  Well, that was just a big help wasn’t it – not!


It is nice to know that I am not alone when I do this.  It is also nice to know that it can happen to anyone at any time.  It would be better to know ways to stop or cure it.  Here are my tried-and-true methods for handling this epidemic:


  1. Bag-o-chips: doesn’t matter what kind you favor. The crunching seems to help to keep me alert.
  2. Heavy duty mint gum: (or cinnamon if you prefer) the taste and smell help to keep me from drifting off.
  3. Open windows: WARNING”  this one may cause your sleeping passenger (in this case my sister usually) to slap you upside the head for making her freeze.
  4. Turn up music: “WARNING AGAIN” for the same reason the open window may not work – – unless it happens to be her favorite rock song.
  5. Sing along with the song: “HUGE WARNING” If you cannot carry a note, do not attempt this method of staying awake.  It may cause a black eye and several bruises (especially if you don’t get the hint!).

Well weary warriors, hope these micro shares help you in your endeavors.  A little side note:  Should you microsleep when you are gardening – got with it!  My suggestion is to simply lay down on the warm ground and take a good nap.  If you are really lucky, no one will ever know, and you can wake up refreshed!


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5 thoughts on “YOU ARE KIDDING, RIGHT?

  1. I once drove 17 hours with only stops for gas and to pee. I had the windows open, radio blasting AND a cup of ice water I kept patting on to my face. So glad I was very young then and kept snapping out of it. Very scary, however, and VERY dangerous.

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    • Yes it is! We usually drive to visit family in WI and upper MI…this is at least a 24 hour trip one-way! We usually take turns driving and sleeping – HOWEVER – I am one of those idiots that cannot sleep while someone else is driving?! Stupid control freak that I am – LMAO!!

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  2. I can’t do naps… EVER… But then I am also not one to sleep much. 6 hours for me is good. But then it’s not the quantity of sleep… It’s the quality. The wife sleeps 8-10 hours and wakes up drained. I sleep for 6 and all but bounce out of bed in the morning.

    If you are macro napping… Or maybe narcolepsy? O.o then you should go see your doc. That is not good at all.

    On a side note… Many people drive on autopilot. I have driven home and had no memory of the journey AT ALL… But that is all fine. It happens to people. But there may be underlying problems if you do it often.

    BTW… What’s wrong with bad singing when driving? If the passengers don’t like it they can always get out and walk!


    • Yes, they can get out – ha ha! My normal sleep amount is about 6. Then I am like you refreshed and going…any more than that I am drained, less and I am stupid. I have tried (when I wake at midnight) to go back to sleep, but that just makes the next day worse. No rest for the wicked I guess!

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      • I tend to go to bed later and sleep through to morning rather than go to bed early and wake up WAY before I need to.
        My usual ‘plan’ is in bed by 11ish to be up about 5:30.

        I’m definitely a morning person. So much so that people start to hate me for being chirpy and happy in the morning… Even before caffeine has kicked in!


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