I was saddened to hear about the passing of one of my fav actors – Alan Rickman, however; I am more upset over the fact that they forgot to mention two of his best roles – Quigley Down Under and Dogma. 

I got hooked on him in Die Hard, but really loved how he handled Quigley and Dogma.  (Tom Seleck was in it too, but too pretty for my taste – LOL, my guys need to look real.) 

So here is my contribution to honor one of my most beloved actors in two of my most beloved movies (oh and if you have not seen it, check out Laura San Giacomo in Quigley – she is hysterical in it!):

Alan Rickman 1

Alan Rickman 2






Alan Rickman 3

…and then there is Dogma – who knew the voice of God could have such a great sense of humor:


Alan Rickman 7

Alan Rickman 8

Alan Rickman 9







You will be missed:

Alan Rickman 6




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