PLOWSHARE THURSDAY 9-28-17 – extra eyes.

There are several things I wanted to share today, but my best bet became “an extra pair of eyes.” This is not really something you can buy through Amazon, but some days I wish I could.  There are a number of times, during any given year on a farm, where some extra set of eyes … Continue reading PLOWSHARE THURSDAY 9-28-17 – extra eyes.



Just when I thought there were very few things left in the food processing world that would surprise me, this happened: (yes, these are two completely different types of tomato sauces, sort of.) Now don’t be fooled. The one on the right is NOT our normal pasta sauce. The one on the left is. We … Continue reading WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?


Labor Day (click for more info) here in the U.S. was established to honor the contributions that workers have made. The normal procedure for this is to get the first Monday in September off as a Holiday. Well, if you are a farmer (very laborious – is that a word?), or if you grow your … Continue reading ANYTHING BUT A DAY OFF