PLOWSHARE THURSDAY 9-28-17 – extra eyes.

There are several things I wanted to share today, but my best bet became “an extra pair of eyes.” This is not really something you can buy through Amazon, but some days I wish I could.  There are a number of times, during any given year on a farm, where some extra set of eyes … Continue reading PLOWSHARE THURSDAY 9-28-17 – extra eyes.



Bad news.  Bad news.  Then more bad news.  I AM SOOO TIRED OF BAD NEWS!  I have started a new self-help campaign…seek out good news!  Here is one that I came across this week: Love the smell of spring? Here’s where the season’s odors come from. It was kind of sad and disgusting.  So I … Continue reading DO YOU STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES?

Just How Green Are You?

One of my fav all-around veggies is cabbage.  I am half Irish, and this is a must! (Mom would find a way to haunt me about it if I don’t!  Her side of the family has always been more fun…a bit off, but more fun!)  In honor of St. Patrick's day, my Farmer’s Almanac newsletter … Continue reading Just How Green Are You?


I have never cared for romance novels.  Their stories always seemed too unrealistic or predictable.  My love life has NEVER been that way.  I have tried reading sci-fi because I love sci-fi movies, however, with a mind that wanders as much as mine does, I could not follow their plots.  I do have a passion … Continue reading DO HOW-TO BOOKS COUNT AS READING?

ARE YOU AN AVID LEARNER (or obsessed as I am)?

In keeping with last new year resolution – more fun shall be added to this, 2017, year as well.  So, this is my first writing spill for the new year – hope you like it! ************************************************************************************* Well, the holidays were a blast but over way too fast.  The new year started out with discovering that … Continue reading ARE YOU AN AVID LEARNER (or obsessed as I am)?


Hi, Ho All!  And a very Merry Christmas to you. So, what's on your agenda for Christmas?  We are traveling to Aurora (for those of you not of this area – it is a suburb of Denver – bigger than Denver now I think?) to spend a night with our other sister and her husband.  … Continue reading WHAT’S YOUR CHRISTMAS LIKE?


“It all trickles down from the top.”   “All Politicians are self-centered liars.” “The bigger the company is, the less it cares about its employees.” Sound familiar?  All too familiar for me.  I used to say all of that and more.  There was always someone or something else to blame for things that were happening to … Continue reading IT SHOULD START WITH ME – SHOULDN’T IT?