This page is dedicated to sharing specific information related to our farm and garden living.

The items in here are things that we currently use to keep our little piece of heaven operational.  Feel free to ask questions on any of the following items we use.  We do not get paid for our reviews; we will be glad to share what we know and have learned from them.  We do get paid a small commission if you click on the link and decide to purchase an item.  (Very small but every penny adds up when you live the farm life.)

These are items to help with things like:

  • The garden tools we use.  Some we have had for decades, and some are new.  If it is something homemade, it will be in a blog post and not on this page.
  • How-To books that we use as our farm and garden bibles (so to speak).  These are the things that we usually need to replace often, as we wear them out the fastest.  We are also open to trying something new at least once a year.  We will share whatever that inspiration came from in a post first (to note if it is good or bad) and then add the good to this page.
  • Items to build your own unique project for your own gardens.  These are items like 2”x4” boards, PVC pipe, special wire, and other things you may not normally think of using.  Once again, we will have a blog post connected to some of these items, to help you understand why and what they are.