About The Helberg Sisters

My sister and I currently own a little 20- acre (more or less according to the County Assessor’s Office) piece of land in northeastern Colorado. We were raised on an 80-acre farm in Wisconsin and currently reside in northeastern Colorado.  Got tired of the winters in Wisconsin – brrr.

snowplow 2016Growing up, we experienced farming and working with animals mainly through our father who taught us the love of the farm life.  We were also involved with 4-H and learned a lot from that organization and the county fairs.

We helped out every year in a very large garden.  It was about 2 acres in size, had a raspberry patch on one end and a strawberry patch on the other.  One side was a huge old apple tree; the other side was our front yard with cherry trees and the lanes through the fields were filled with various wild fruits.good pic our veggie garden

We were taught how to grow things at a very young age and were shown the importance of doing it in natural ways.  We also shared chores and learning ways to store all the food for the winter months.

We moved to Denver in the early 1980’s, but our love of the land never ended.  I had a disabled daughter in 1985, and after Columbine had happened, I made a decision to get out of the big city life – not the best place to raise a child with a disability!  So, after discussions with my sister, we sold our homes in Denver and found the fantastic little place we are on now: Y-Knot Farm (Yep, that’s the name of it legally.  Funny story behind that too.)

arial map of farm (3)(Best aerial view I could find, we have the triangle shaped property.  The dark spot in the middle is our house with the trees around it.  The greenhouse is the lighter one running up from the circle driveway.  Not much, but it’s ours!)

The small acreage suits us perfectly!  No large amounts of equipment needed to maintain the property, great neighbors that have become outstanding friends, and a community that supports one another and our passion for bartering.

We have spent the last 10+ years transforming this little piece of God’s green earth from a once training ground for roping cattle, into chemical-free gardens for our future, the future of our family, friends, and community.


The greenhouse project was a dream from the beginning and is over ten years in the making.  We are working hard to become self-sufficient and having year-round fresh produce is part of out plan.

We have had our share of setbacks but, like any great idea, we never let go of our dream!  We have experienced that anything worth having is worth fighting for and that everything happens for a reason!


21 thoughts on “About The Helberg Sisters

  1. THank you for following OUR RETIRED LIFE.
    You have a very interesting story. I am guessing you found me through my post “Teenage Mutant Zucchini Squash”. We do not use chemicals on our small home garden. So I guess that was just mother nature having some fun with the squash. I hope you check out my other garden related posts or any other post that may catch your fancy. 🙂


    • You are waaay funny! Thank you for sharing! I have several of the same loves – our gardens, our greenhouse, all natural growing, and YARN!!! I also love anything to do with paper, pens, card making and scrapbooking! So nice to meet someone that shares my love for finding the fun in unique!! Gonna have to take your photo “advise” – I am not so hot at photography – yet – trying, just need to catch those fun moments like you have! Great work!


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  4. I am loving everything about your blog. You and your sister remind me so much of the way my husband and I manage our small farm. Your sense of humor makes me smile every time and even laugh out loud. I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award so others can also find their way here and enjoy your posts as much as I do. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. https://thechickengrandma.wordpress.com/2016/05/25/one-lovely-blog-award/


    • Thank you so much! I knew when I saw your title we would have the same heart (chickens and grandkids – ya just cant go wrong with that mix! Both love to dig in my gardens right after I have planted something – LOL). Also thank you for the nod (One Lovely Blog Award), I have not been in WP long so I will look that up. Happy you found fun in my post – the more I do on our little farm, the fun (and funnier) it gets.


  5. Hi Rachel, please email me that website for the natural grasshopper stopper again please….hope you are having a marvelous summer!!!!


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