The sun rises. The curtains are drawn. The damage – Act I Scene I:

windy night 2-19-16-1

The wind shows its ugly face again!

creapy face

This time, it was wicked enough to take out my grandson’s playset and part of our fence in the front yard.

windy night 2-19-16-2 (2)

The fence I can put up by myself fairly easily, but this playset is another story. The sucker’s heavy!

So the first part of this “fun” weekend will be spent on cleaning and fix up. The Wind and its might are not uncommon here in northeastern Colorado, but ones this strong do not normally happen until the heat of summer – very odd indeed!

So, trying to keep in the lighthearted humor mindset, here is my children’s rhyme to the wind (sing to Rain, Rain go away):

Wind, wind blow away,

Come back on a 90’s day! (Oh it won’t do that cuz it would be helpful then – ha ha)

Wind, wind blow away,

Cuz I want my fence to stay! (ya, sure – pretty sure it’s using our fence for target practice!)

Wind, wind blow away,

Let my grandson go to play! (When it’s warm outside, he should be on his playset!)

Wonder if it is listening to me? Maybe you all can help and chant this when it comes to your area. Who knows, maybe we can all chant and send up enough hot air to counter its mean effect! It’s a though?!?

stick kids playing

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8 thoughts on “MY 2ND – WHATS UP WITH THIS?

  1. We have been having some bad wind the last few days – did you send it our way? It is never fun to have to go out and clean up what the wind or a storm did to one’s yard. I am chanting, that the wind blows away from you and us also. lol Good luck on clean up.

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    • We had 73 degrees yester”day” – even last night was still really warm (only got down to about 40) – but the wind started about 1pm and just got stronger thru the night. Went silent about 4am – and now its starting up again. What a wild Feb. we are having! LOL

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  2. Just a thought here, being a farm type place I am sure you should have a length of strong rope. You could tie it to the play set and pull it up right by tying the other end to a lawn tractor or maybe a trailer hitch on a pickup. No thrown out backs.
    I think that wind blew out the electricity here last night. The microwave said 0:00 this morning.

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